Presets X

Finest Presets for Lightroom


About the App

Presets X is an app with the collection of finest presets for mobile photography but not only! We worked together with a professional retouch specialist to create the most trendy packs you can find. The app contains preview for each preset with a short description when to use it. Just to let you know what you are buying before you buying.
We believe that every preset you find here will be a good deal for you. They are professional, cool, and the price is lower than on the market.
One pack is always free. Just try it!


Features List

Perfection made simple

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Buy the preset you want

Instead of purchasing everything, you can purchase presets one by one for lower prices.

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Previews: Before/After

Tap and hold to see the "before" version of any photo.

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We provide detailed tutorial how to export and apply presets in Lightroom/



Got Questions? We’re Here to Help.


How often are there updates to the App?

We aim to do it once in a two months.

How to export preset to Lightroom?

To be honest, it is not simple. But we describe the easiest way. Just open any preset pack in the app and tap "How it works" to see the detailed description with screenshots.

I don't like the preset pack I have got. How to get a refund?

Unfortunately, we don't have a possibility to directly refund you the money. For these purposes, you can contact Apple Support. There are usually no any problems with that.